Study Parks specialise in educating children, young people and adults with innovative and creative learning programmes and training courses. Their sites based at Glandford Park – home of Scunthorpe United - and Heslam Park - home to the Rugby teams and Scunthorpe Town Cricket Club, provide stimulating and exciting environments synonymous with sporting venues.


A Planet PC customer since 1998, Study Parks recently decided to make a significant investment in the installation of a small TV studio and gallery to use with children of primary age up to adult learners. This was installed during summer 2011 and eLearning, Marketing and ICT Manager, Rob Jefferson said “Although it’s early days we’ve successfully produced news programmes with Year 3 children and even visiting Head Teachers from Dalian, China, who spoke little English. We even managed to figure out how to put Mandarin script on the teleprompter - a demonstration of how intuitive the equipment is to use.” Their future plans are to make a sustainable local (online) TV channel with local people creating the content for their needs. Rob said “We believe we haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s possible using the TriCaster. At the moment we’re focusing on the process of creation rather than the quality of output but as time goes by the content will no doubt improve alongside our skills.”

Rob explained to us that everyone who had used the equipment had definitely benefited. “We were staggered about how quickly our visiting Year 3 class picked up the skills required to produce and manage their own show; despite the pressures of live production. Every single child who has used the equipment so far has come away inspired to become a media professional in future. I think that speaks for itself”. Rob told us that whilst the learning curve for some of the teaching staff had been steep, no one had been afraid to have a go and come up with their own ideas for curriculum development, utilising the equipment. “It’s been great to be pushed out of our comfort zones and learn something new. Even as experienced technologists we’ve been surprised about how thrilling the process of live production has been and see the value of it.”


The Centres’ requirement was to have a flexible solution which they could use fixed in a space dedicated to TV production but with the ability to take the equipment out on the road to schools in more rural areas of the county. Rob said “Planet PC’s advice and recommendations suitably met this requirement: they completely understood our desires and delivered accordingly. I think their experience working within education has proven invaluable and meant we were getting honest, genuine and experiencebased advice rather than an impersonal experience from people who were simply trying to sell you the most expensive product they had. I’d thoroughly recommend Planet PC.”