Churchfields Primary

We recently collaborated with independent educational consultant Malcolm Burnett to carry out a case study in a primary school illustrating how the new Planet MovieBox range can be used to enhance the teaching of the primary curriculum. The task that we set Malcolm was to map a curriculum based project from start to finish, consulting with all relevant staff and supporting the school in planning and delivery of the chosen project.

The school selected for the project was Churchfields Primary School in Enfield. They have been involved with other similar creative projects and were excited by this opportunity. It was established in liaison with the school leadership team that year 5 would be a perfect year group to work with. The two year 5 classes have classrooms adjacent to each other and practice could therefore be shared immediately between the two members of staff involved.

The next step was for Malcolm to meet and train the staff. During training, Malcolm found Michelle and Hayley to be very enthusiastic and quick to embrace new technology. After the equivalent of one day of support, they were able to understand the process of chroma keying and felt confident enough to use all of the elements of the Planet MovieBox in their lessons.

During the initial training session, Malcolm discussed the area of the curriculum that Michelle and Hayley were keen to work on. The year 5 project for the term was Earth and Space and to fit in with the existing scheme of work, they decided to concentrate on the moon landing. They also discussed that once fully implemented, this technology could form an ongoing string through the scheme supporting its many aspects. They identified projects with links to Geography, Music, Science, English and many more.

The success criteria for the curricular project was then set. It was decided that they would create a stop frame animation using the story boarding, filming, chroma key and video editing tools available in the Planet MovieBox kit to tell the story of the landing. The different groups of students were then filmed presenting the final production to the class further enhancing the creative experience. Michelle and Hayley commented on how easy the technology was to set up. They were keen to highlight the motivational benefits of using the equipment and said that the children had great fun creating the animations and would never forget the moon landing.